Complete Hosting

OldCabin uses and recommends UNIX servers to host our clients web sites. We are dedicated to providing the best and most secure hosting environment available for our clients.

Full Featured Web Sites

Web sites range from being informational or interactive, to full secure e-commerce enabled on-line stores. OldCabin is capable of accommodating your specific requests, whether they be for an informational site to searchable product databases with secure on-line ordering to sites that feature dynamically generated content unique to the visitor’s location, country or region.

Custom Web site & Graphic Design

Once your goals and objectives are assessed, our design team can produce the layout and interface that compliments your print literature as well as taking full advantage of the multimedia opportunities that the Internet can offer. We can digital versions of your existing graphics or develop new graphics for your site.

Web site Promotion

 Using carefully selected keywords and special coding we will give you a good chance of showing up near the top of the search lists as soon as possible (it takes a little while if you are new). If desired OldCabin can show you how you can promote your site further through the use of other techniques.

Every website we deploy is 95% SEO (Search Engine Optimized). We can take it to another level if you desire but in most cases is NOT required.

Email Services

OldCabin offers: POP3, IMAP, Web Based Email, Mailing & Distribution (mailing) Lists, and Junk email Protection.


We perform multiple Data Backups on a Regular schedule to ensure your databases are safe and secure.